Do you know that you can use Use this jar love spells to sweeten someone to you or to an idea you have? This spell is slow to take effect so patience is necessary. But after some times quick and powerful love effects will take place. Is there someone you really love so much but you have failed to connect with? Is he or she treating you like some kind of an outcast? Don’t worry I have the spell you can mix in the jar then everything turns out as you want it to be.

Jar love spells for strong love ties and affection

More still perform this powerful love ritual and then have your love life back to normal. Because if you cast a love spell using my jar loves mixtures, strong love affections are going to be improved.  Your partner is going to start to adore you more often. The truth is he or she is going to be overwhelmed with my powerful love energies coming from the mixtures of the jar. it boosts the love energies of you and your partner. Whereby he or she will be more concerned with how you feel about them. Hence it will fix all the love issues you are going through.

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • parchment paper(petition paper)
  • red candle(s)
  • photo of you
  • photo of targe
  •  honey
  • cinnamon stick
  • red pen
  • red win
  • red thread (optional)
  • magical oil (optional)

Casting Instructions

Take the name/picture of the one you wish to enchant and your picture and drizzle honey on your faces sticking them together. wrap the pictures with red thread or ribbon. Visualize your target stuck to you like honey. Simply place in the bottom of the jar.

On a piece of parchment paper big enough to fit. Write it 5 times to represent earth, water, air, fire, and spirit.

Then write your name at a ninety-degree angle over theirs, 5 times. It should look like this +.

After you have the names and birthdates write what you want in cursive around the names with the red pen. Do it in one consecutive loop, don’t lift the pen from the paper till the first word connects with the last. Try to keep it simple like want me, mary me, forgive me, etc…

If there are certain love herbs you would like to add put those in first such as cinnamon stick, etc…

Then put some red wine in the jar and visualize your target drunk with love for you. This is optional but if you don’t mind bleeding you can put 5 drops of blood in and for women 5 drops of menstrual blood.

After you have put in your herbs, personal concerns, and petition paper filled with the honey or lavender

Seal the jar and place the red/pink/white candle above, letting it burn completely so that the wax from the candle seals the jar.






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