new moon love spell to bind your relationship

New moon love spell to bind your relationshiphave to be more timed more specifically than most other spells. Although you have a 4 day window period to recapture your moon the new moon love unique energies.Try performing your spell as close to new moon as possible. Approximately two days before the actual full moon moment.

New moon love spell to bind your relationship fast, uses the powerful energies of the moon. As a spell caster it come to my understanding that moon is a very powerful celestial star. it comes with strong energies which can be used by the effects of the spiritual world to help you get whatever you wish for in life.

New moon love spell to bind your relationship forever.

Do you want this love you are sharing with your partner to last forever? where by you stay together till death do you apart? with out any person intervening in your love life? You need to order for my powerful new moon love spell to bind your relationship forever. My brother or sister if you perform this spell i promise that nothing will ever change the love you have for each other.

More still harness that full moon powers with Dr shafic’s spell. Its also a potent fire spell, meaning you will need some where to light a fire. Out door will be better. The whole of this process focus much on attaining the right balance of your love energies. Similarly try to calm your self down and reach out to all your hearts desires.


First you will need salt as an ingredients, rose petals or flowers with nice scent. dried one are better during the process.

Secondary since this ritual usually takes three days, get a fire place starting the night before the full moon. get simple woods and make a fire place on this night. Light up the fire place and start pouring salt in the fire place. Stand by the fire place and pour little amount of salts in the fire,and say;

” Let his heart burn for me,

Sparked under the light of the moon,

Let his heart burn for me,

Bring him to me.

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