Voodoo spells for revenger from Dr. Shafic’s temple are the best love spell you can perform with immediate results. It encompasses many for instance voodoo revenge spells for cheating partners, ex-lovers, your enemies and people who want to do you harm. Get I touch with Dr.shafic to help you fight off these powerful negative energies which can harm your life and family.

More still, do you want to seek justice? after all your partner has done for you. The bad mistreatments he or she has passed you through and you feel like doing harm to him. then this is your chance to find justice. I will perform for you this quickie working spell that will bring suffering and sorrow towards that partner who did harm to you in the previous relationship.

Voodoo spell for revenge using chili pepper

This is one of the easiest and popular voodoo love spell s, which you can do when you want immediate results. This works best for those who need to make their previous partners feel bad like they did to them.  Call Dr. Shafiq so that I perform for you this powerful but simple magic voodoo spell for revenge using chili pepper.

Similarly, as you can feel the hotness of the chili pepper and therefore that person who wanted to do you harm will also feel. His or her body will be felt with great itching and hotness from the powers of the voodoo ritual. he or she will be sorry for all the harm and the wrongs.

How to do this ritual at home

Further still, All you need for this voodoo love spell is red chili. Just write the name of the person you want to cast revenge on. You then need saltwater to dip the chili in. Write the name of that person on the paper if you know it. You can then light up the stove then begin mixing red chili in the saltwater and put it into the fire.

Finally, get in touch with me for more about performing this ritual.




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